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Risk-based planning accounts for the modern-day risks of retirement, allowing you to go from getting to retirement to getting THROUGH retirement!

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• Have your retirement mapped out & protected in as little as 2 months! •

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When you make the transition to retirement, your financial risks change substantially from the ones you face currently in your working years. We help you combat these new and unique risks so you can get safely through retirement.

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Risk-Based Planning Advisors Expand Your Legacy, Potentially Increase Your Retirement Income, & Bring You Greater Peace Of Mind

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We believe that you should be the Boss of your retirement, not us. So, we’ll help you defeat the risks, and you can claim all the glory!

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Retirement Risk Advisors Are Your…

Social Security

Social Security will make up a good portion of your retirement income, and you deserve every penny you are entitled to. Our experts are trained to maximize your individual situation.

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Retirement Risk Advisors Are Your...

Risk Assessment Experts

Traditional advisors generally only look at risk tolerance for your investment portfolio. We look at your Attitude, Capacity, and Tolerance towards the various financial risks facing your retirement.

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Retirement Risk Advisors Are Your…

Tax Analysis Experts

Taxes will be one of your biggest expenses in retirement, so we hired a team of experts to reduce the impact taxes will have on your retirement income.

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Retirement Risk Advisors Are Your…

Annuity & Life Insurance Experts

As an independent insurance agency we have the ability to work with any insurance company in the country to get you the right insurance products to maximize your retirement.

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Retirement Risk Advisors Are Your…

Asset Management Experts

Our independent experts are trained to design portfolios that match up with your custom retirement plan, thus increasing your chances for retirement success.

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Retirement Risk Advisors Are Your…

Long-Term Care Planning Experts

35% of retirees will become permanently disabled and need long-term care before they pass away. And yet, only 6% of people have a solution for this risk*. Our team will help you find the best solution for your needs.

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Retirement Risk Advisors Give You Everything You Need To Succeed In Retirement

Plus A Plan That Attacks & Organizes All Of This For You!

Social Security Risk

Two potential issues with Social Security impacting your retirement: choosing an inappropriate age for benefits may result in significant loss, and a high provisional income can lead to taxation of benefits.

Tax Rate Risk

Due to factors like national debt and public policy, tax rates are likely to increase, resulting in reduced net pay from taxable and tax-deferred accounts.

Longevity Risk

Known as the risk multiplier, the longer you live the more risk exposure you have--especially needing to fund a retirement that could last 30+ years!

Sequence of Return Risk

Market losses while withdrawing funds affect retirement assets. If such losses occur during retirement distributions, the investment loss becomes irreversible, reducing the intended lifespan of funds from 20-25 years to only 10-12 years.

Withdrawal Rate Risk

Ensuring the right withdrawal rate from your assets is challenging. Excessive withdrawals can deplete funds within 8-11 years.

Long-Term Care Risk

Surpassing average life expectancy increases the chances of a long-term care event, requiring assistance from a caretaker (spouse, child, or professional) at home or in a facility, which is costly.

Inflation Risk

Inflation, the silent killer to retirement, erodes spending power by raising overall prices. The $50 that covered groceries in your working years might only cover half of those expenses in retirement due to inflation.

Medicare Risk

Medicare, a complex health insurance program, can lead to increased premiums or higher out-of-pocket expenses if issues arise, significantly affecting your retirement.

Elder Financial Abuse Risk

Financial exploitation of elders may come from family members, friends, or scammers. What makes retirees easy targets is the larger assets associated with age and vulnerability.

Lack of Income Diversity Risk

Diversifying income streams in retirement lowers risk exposure. Without a well-balanced and diverse income approach, retirees may lose money to taxes or see a reduction in spending power due to neglecting inflation considerations.

Step-By-Step Roadmap

This road serves as a practical plan that outlines unique strategies tailored to your individual circumstances, ensuring a secure retirement devoid of unnecessary risks.

Aid In Implementation

Connect with our team and a network of experienced professionals that will assist you in applying retirement strategies designed to ensure you get safely through retirement, not just to retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional planning helps you get up the mountain (or to retirement), risk-based planning helps you get down the mountain (or through retirement).

We are best able to help individuals and couples age 50+ who have an annual income of approximately $100,000, OR manageable assets (excluding their primary residency) worth approximately $250,000+

Our basic services included risk-based retirement planning, social security claiming strategizing, and asset management.

If we are just putting a plan together for you then no, however if you are wanting us to manage your assets under our asset management package then yes.

That is great, hopefully it is helping you get to retirement. We still recommend working with us though, as our specialty is combatting your financial risks that can prevent you from getting through retirement.

The longer you wait the more risk you are exposed to, for that reason we recommend individuals and couples start by their mid 50’s where and when possible.

Yes, only in rare cases of divorce or other extraneous circumstances will you and your spouse need separate plans.

Typically, the process is a couple of months. But if you include any underwriting for insurances and annuities you may want to put in place, times will vary though.

NO! We can’t emphasize this enough. While there are some of our services you can do yourself others require licenses and expertise that is not worth it for one individual to pursue just for their own retirement.

No problem! We honor a 60-day money back guarantee for our plans. We cannot give a refund for management fees, however.

No worries, as long as you are 50+ years old we can still help you! Risk-based planning doesn’t require a traditional plan to be in place.

Absolutely, it’s pretty simple on your end. First, schedule an appointment with our team. Second, show up to that online meeting. And third, provide the information needed for our team to put your stuff together… and you’re done. Everything else we’ll do behind the scenes or will reach out with any further instruction.

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