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Friday, October 21, 2022: 12:00 PEastern
CPE Credits 4.0 hour
Course Level Basic
Prerequisites None

Course Description:

A secure retirement is built on a foundation of wise choices. In this session, you will gain the knowledge you need to reduce, or even eliminate, the risks facing your retirement from Social Security, Medicare, long-term care, and elder abuse. 

Most people will spend more time planning their next vacation than they will planning for their retirement.  This trend needs to change, and this session is your opportunity to invest in your retirement so you can build the foundation needed for a secure retirement.  Make a wrong choice, and any one of these risks could destroy your retirement. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what benefits are available through the Social Security program
  • Determine what the right age is for claiming Social Security benefits
  • Recognize the four parts of Medicare and what options are available
  • Describe the consequences of making the wrong Medicare choice
  • List the four methods for handling a long-term care event
  • Evaluate how a long-term care event could destroy a well-planned retirement


Howard Awrich (National Education Association)

Dave Hall is the expert in this field. His presentations are extremely well done. The slides add great information that he doesn’t just read but adds to with additional insights and commentary and he provides excellent examples that help the attendee understand how the rules are interpreted and amounts computed.

Nobi Sawyer (Brierley + Partners)

I’ve taken almost all classes Retirement Risk Advisors teaches and enjoyed them. I’m 6-7 years away from my retirement but have only become proactive in planning for it earlier during this year. Dave’s and Tom Hegna’s classes are very relevant and I’m going to definitely recommend to my non-CPA friends.

Kallie Goff (KAG Accounting)

Love the 4-hour format. It was more comprehensive and made it easier to tie subject together (e.g. SS & Medicare). This is the third Dave Hall webinar I have attended. He is very detailed, slides are great and really good at breaking things down.

Jeanette Sabrowsky (Woolston & Tarter, P.C.)

This webinar was very informative. It changed the way I look at social security in my retirement and I learned a lot about when to apply for Medicare and why. I will recommend this webinar to my family and friends.

Tracey Welch (DaVero Sonoma, Inc.)

This webinar was jam-packed with great information and will be useful to me both professionally and personally. Dave knows the subject inside and out and does a great webinar – never boring and very informative!

Bruce Schapiro (Bruce J. Schapiro, CPA)

Four hour course jam packed with answers to the questions facing your clients regarding Social Security and Medicare. Well presented by Dave Hall, CPA who manages to hold your interest throughout the course.

Jim Medlock (Medlock & Associates)

Dave’s webinars are always terrific. He clearly explains the issues and what options are available to resolve the issues. I am always looking for Dave’s webinars to attend!

Kelly Vaccaro (HOACNY)

David was incredible…this class was jam packed with information and absolutely invaluable for every American approaching retirement. Thank you!!

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Oct 11 2022


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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