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Thursday, September 2, 2021: 10:00 AM Eastern
CPE Credits 1.0 hour
Course Level Basic
Prerequisites None

Course Description:

Many people believe that a “happily ever after” retirement is no longer possible. Pensions are disappearing, government programs like Social Security are running out of money, and people are living longer than ever. Tom Hegna’s “Paychecks and Playchecks” presentation serves to prove that a “happily ever after” is still achievable. Tom will share the mathematical and scientific facts behind an optimal retirement and will teach you how to mitigate risks in retirement so YOU can retire happy and worry-free.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the different risks in retirement and how to address them
  • Recognize what mortality credits are
  • Determine how to avoid living in a “just in case” retirement
  • Identify the dangers of inflation for a retirement plan
  • Determine how to use life insurance and annuities to get guaranteed income in retirement that you can never outlive



Lee Hamilton (TKC Holdings Inc)

This is a great webinar covering the necessity of annuities in a retirement portfolio. The webinar challenged much of what I have heard in regards to advising for retirement. The information is not only something I want to share with my clients but also information I want to incorporate into my own retirement planning.


John Mencke (John G Mencke, PA)

This was a superb webinar. It will likely lead me to reorient my personal retirement/investment planning. I love the days when Microsoft, Qualcomm and Nvidia go up 3-5%, but the more that happens the more nervous I get. While I have always been skeptical about annuities, I feel I need to rethink that view.


Cheryl Habrat (self employed)

Tom was fantastic and offered valuable financial information in a whole new way than I have ever considered, especially with the idea of spending all of my own money and leaving kids with life insurance money. Tom and Dave are a great team as Dave added his own expertise on the sideline. Thank you!!


Eric Grant (Eric Grant CPA)

The knowledge dispensed by Tom & Dave is invaluable. I’m patting myself on the back for having the forethought to attend. Anyone interested in basic common sense, retirement/financial strategies can benefit by listening to Dave and his network of contacts.


Ken Hoover (Ken Hoover)

Just WOW! So much information and so things to think about. My father’s death a couple of years ago has me really questioning some of his tactics given the information on this topic. So much detail and I really appreciate taking the time to attend.


Janice Beck (Individual Tax Prep)

Excellent seminar! Whether you are getting ready to retire, or assist clients in planning for retirement, or have client’s who are already retired, this is a seminar that will benefit you immensely! Great speaker!


Kellie Kramer (Tarbell & Company)

It’s so great to have Tom and Dave in one class! They take tons of information and refine it into easy to understand concepts and give you new ways to look at retirement planning. Great take-aways! TAKE THIS CLASS!


Jim Zaidain (James A. Zaidain, CPA)

Incredible webinar with so much valuable information, especially for someone in their mid-60s and trying to plan for their retirement years. So much to learn and trying to put all this information into practice.

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Sep 02 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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