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Thursday, March 2nd, 2023: 10:00 AM Central
CPE Credits 1.0 hour
Course Level Basic
Prerequisites None

Course Description:

Roth IRAs have been around since 1997, yet they only account for between 5 and 10% of retirement assets. In this webinar, you will learn why this needs to change and what it is that makes Roth IRAs such a great retirement tool. The webinar will also cover back-door Roth IRAs and mega backdoor Roths, and why January 1, 2026, is an important date for those wanting to convert assets into a Roth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA
  • Recognize why a Roth IRA works so well to eliminate tax-rate risk
  • Identify the qualifications to contribute to a Roth
  • Determine if there are any other investments that work like a Roth



James Hennick (Quandt Berndt)

Dave Hall provided a wealth of very practical and vital information in the one hour presentation. I gained new insight into all of the possibilities that are available with Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s.

Chandan Gandhi (H& R Block)

Great job. Very clear to understand. Thank you so much, please notify me of  any future seminar, I will join it. Thank you


Sam Susser (Susser & Associates CPA Inc)

As much as I thought I knew about Roth IRA’s there were a few valuable nuances that I picked up today. TY


Shellene Kraft (SM Energy)

I am sharing this presentation with my children. Wish I had this information earlier for my own benefit.

David McMillan (WealthWave)

Webinar was excellent. I learned a lot. Very good course for investment/retirement savings beginners.

Jim Zaidain (James A. Zaidain, CPA)

Another superb webinar from Dave Hall! Always learn important tips and what to do.

Gordon Dirksen (Anthem, Inc)

It was a great webinar!! Everyone should take this webinar!!

Richard Ave Maria (Richard Ave Maria LLP)

Excellent webinar presented by a very knowledgeable speaker.

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Mar 02 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Dave Hall
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