This webinar is being presented by Dave Hall and special guest Joel Wymer

Available Date

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022: 11:00 AM Eastern
CPE Credits 4.0 hour
Course Level Basic
Prerequisites None

Course Description:

Many of the retirement strategies utilized by today’s financial planners were brought about in the 20th century and have grown outdated. This class will compare and contrast the old retirement paradigms that are still being used by many advisors with the new retirement paradigms of today.

Many of your ancestors enjoyed certainty in their retirements because of pensions, Social Security, and limited longevity.  You live in a world where pensions are a thing of the past, Social Security is going broke, and longevity is off the charts.  All of this means your retirement planning will need to look different because you will face risks in your retirement that no other generation has had to endure.  In this class, you will learn what you need to do to insulate yourself from the risks facing your retirement so you do not run out of income before you run out of retirement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine if you have enough money to retire and stay retired
  • Recognize how to improve your retirement income streams
  • Outline how to safeguard against market loss during retirement
  • Identify how to avoid the three basic pitfalls of retirement distribution planning
  • Determine how to maximize Social Security income and minimize taxation on the benefits
  • Evaluate the benefits of Roth conversions
  • Identify how to insulate your income from a rising-tax-rate environment
  • Identify how long-term care could destroy your retirement


JANET LOCKERBIE (Brian D. Lockerbie, P.C.)

So much information was provided in this course. I learned a great deal. It was presented by speakers who are clearly knowledgeable and very interesting to listen to. The slides were extremely helpful and added to the learning. The subject matter is relevant to everyone, client and individual alike, and a great deal of ideas were presented that were unknown to me before this session. Don’t miss this!

Diane Wightman (Controlled Resources Inc)

Dave Hall and Brian Britt provide OUTSTANDING courses packed with information that is helpful to me as a CPA as well as personally! My husband and I have chosen to work with them for our personal financial planning and are thrilled that they have provided us with a plan for the future.

Antoinyce Mathis (Murphy’s Naturals)

The content was EXCELLENT and will come in handy as my parents prepare for retirement in the next several years. I also appreciate the opportunity for personal consultation after the course. The presenters were absolutely a wealth of knowledge, and I am so thankful for the course!

Meryl Bisaga (Brambleton Group)

I have taken many CPA Academy webinars, this webinar is by far one of the best if not the best! Both instructors were so knowledgeable and presented the information in a manner that was very clear. The four hours flew by.


One of the best, most practical webinars I’ve attended. Contained some sobering predictions about the future of taxes and the economy, but offered options for best preparing for it.

Kellie Kramer (Tarbell & Company)

I don’t know how a four hour class can feel like it needs to be longer! As always, engaging presenters with a wealth of knowledge shared.

Cindy Bradburn

OUTSTANDING! This is one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended and key for anyone assessing retirement in their future.

Russell Fleming (University of Michigan)

You guys did a great job! This is one of the best CPE things I’ve done in a while. Well worth the time. Thank you much!

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May 10 2022


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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