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Wednesday, June 1, 2022: 9:00 AM Eastern
CPE Credits 1.0 hour
Course Level Basic
Prerequisites None

Course Description:

Getting to retirement is the easy part. Making sure you don’t run out of money before running out of retirement is the hard part. In this course, you will learn a simple solution to eliminating two of the most significant risks facing your retirement; sequence of return and withdrawal rate risk. If not addressed, the sequence of return and withdrawal rate risk can derail your retirement assets up to 15 years sooner than if you eliminate them.


Learning Objectives:

    • Recall why the sequence of return and withdrawal rate risk is such a problem in retirement
    • Identify what a safe withdrawal rate is in retirement
    • Identify why the average annual rate of return is useless once you retire
    • Determine a simple solution you can use to eliminate sequence of return and withdrawal rate risk



The PRESENTER-DAVID HALL provided many Helpful Topics-Such as Diversified Assets, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Universal Guaranteed Life Insurance, as Well as Variable Annuities. Thank YOU-GOOD WEBINAR.

Yuichi Iwata (Robert Half Management Resources)

Another great presentation by Dave! He effectively explained the fallacy behind basing retirement decisions on average annual returns. He then explained why we should all considering creating a “volatility shield” in order to avoid volatility risks associated with traditional tax-deferred financial instruments.

Lorna Anderson (HRB Resources LLC)

Second time I have sat and listened and gleaned every bit of information “The Prosperity Guy” had to offer and like before I was not disappointed. Not only for my clients but I am finding his webinars beneficial for myself. Everyone get on board! Great job! Thank you for sharing!

Collette Ngewih (Aerotek)

Moving to my early 30’s I feel retirement plans as one of my priorities thoughts. This webinar explains in full the risks, the processes and procedures to take when choosing your retirement plan. Life insurance explanations were very clear. Thanks for making my Friday special 💕.

Cindy Frankland (G-TEKT North America Corp)

Excellent webinar! Dave Hall puts in plain English the importance of sequence of return risk. The example he uses illustrates clearly how dramatic the effect when retirement calculations use average annual return versus actual annual return. Wow!….and a little scary.

DELFIN FACUNDO (Delfin A. Facundo Jr. CPA)

Dave was concise, precise and showed concrete illustration , easy for the listener to absorb. Gives a sense of mastery about the subjext; my wife who sat beside me was very impressed. Let’s get him do more of webinar on this subject. Del Facundo, Tustin CA

Adina Awai (Tax Factor Corporation)

I’ve learnt quiet a bit from this webinar. Mr. Hall seems to be well knowledgeable about the topic on what I need to do to make my retirement last 15 years longer. Now I can help my clients and even apply to my situation for my upcoming retirement.

Lynn Huynh (MD Anderson)

This was a wonderful webinar. The content was delivered in a fun way that I could easily understand and it wasn’t too fast or slow paced. I’d highly recommend. In fact, I was just texting a coworker about this prior to writing this testimonial.

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Jun 01 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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