Retirement is whatever you want to make it! Which means you may want to continue working and bringing some extra income in. Working part-time keeps that income stream, keeps a routine, keeps you active, and can be fun all at the same time!

A part-time retirement gig, much like your retirement, can be whatever you want it to be. Considering your options is the best place to start. Not sure what to consider? Here are some of the best part-time jobs for retirees.

Continue with what you were doing before retirement. Much like semi-retirement, phase out of your career by staying on part-time. You stay doing what you knew for much of your working years and helps secure your retirement. Moreover, this does not mean you have to stay or return to your previous employer. You could offer freelance services or become a consultant!

Turn a hobby/skill into a class. During your working years you have mastered and obtained a lot of skills. Offer classes or workshops to teach others these! If you sew or woodwork or play an instrument, you can always teach these, too. There are many adults and even children who would become great students! This could be done on a group or individual basis.

Ever consider passive income? This may appeal if you desire an income stream that is easy to maintain and does not require too much extra work. Rent a room out of your house on Airbnb or invest in real estate.

Become a pet sitter or walker! While their family is on vacation or at work, pets could stay with you. Boarding at your home or even just a daily pet daycare could convert your love for furry family members into an income stream. If hosting pets is not something you want to do, but want to stay active, consider becoming a walker. Midday or evening walks for a pup especially will keep you moving and will create income while helping to exercise a pet.

Retail, retail, retail. Is there a bookstore or boutique you frequent? Typically, retail settings offer decent pay, a set schedule, and you get to turn something you enjoy into income.

Another gig you can consider is substitute teaching. While requirements vary state to state, subbing offers flexibility and pay. Plus helping children and teenagers learn can be a very rewarding job!

Turn a social activity into income! Working as event staff at the local theatre or concert hall is a great way to create that income and enjoy plays and concerts. Even as part-time, you may be offered staff discounts for certain events!

Travel and work! Traveling during retirement is oftentimes a top priority. So why not take trips and make money, too? Cruises are always looking to hire folks, and it may lead to a fun time! You could teach classes on the boat or work in the gift shop.