Five takeaways from the Power of Zero paradigm

There are five takeaways from the Power of Zero paradigm. This paradigm is based upon the belief that taxes will be higher in the future. The best way we can insulate ourselves against the time of higher taxes is to do appropriate planning now, so we can eliminate tax rate

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Is Social Security going broke?

With the hundreds of questions, I get asked per week this question is usually right behind the most asked question which is, “At what age should I take my Social Security benefits?” The short answer is yes. But before you go tell all of your friends, I told you,

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Tax Free Income For Life with David McKnight

I have an amazing opportunity for you today. One of my great friends sat down with me to discuss a tax free income, his name is David McKnight and I wanted to share the conversation with you. Dave has had a big impact on my life. In fact, much

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What is the correct withdrawal rate for my retirement?

I’m going to answer a question that far too many retirees don’t know the answer to, ‘what is the correct withdrawal rate for my retirement?’ The question regarding withdrawal rates and retirement dates back decades. Since traditional retirement plans were brought about in the 1970s, people have sought to find

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The fiscal gap in America

Preface My goal is to share ideas and concepts you’re not going to hear talked about by the majority of mainstream financial advisors. I’m not doing this because I’m trying to be contradictory to what other advisors teach. I’m doing it because my research has shown that if you

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Retirement Risk Advisors

Picking the right state for retirement

When it comes to picking a place to live in retirement, taxes very seldom hit the top five reasons of any published list. In fact, the top five reasons most people choose to live where they do in retirement are the following:  Number one is neighborhood safety. Retirees want

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