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There are many different types of insurance plans you can purchase to help supplement your traditional Medicare, but plan availability and cost may vary by area.  Let our strategic partner MedicareCompareUSA assist you in picking the right supplemental plan for you and your retirement. 

As the largest healthcare provider in America, Medicare is responsible for providing healthcare coverage for almost 68,000,000 people.

The organization processes over 1.2 billion healthcare claims each year and onboards nearly 3.6 million new clients each year, all while trying to crack down on insurance fraud and lead the way in controlling future healthcare costs.

4 Parts to Medicare

Medicare Enrollment Periods

Automatic – For those receiving Social Security already.

Initial – At age 65 (3 months before/after).

Special – For those who still have employer health insurance after age 65.

General – January through March of each year.

Annual Election – October 15 – December 7.

Is There a Cost for Medicare?

Part A – Free if you qualify for Social Security Benefits.

Part B – Monthly premium.

Part C – Fee is based upon the plan you choose.

Part D – Monthly premium.

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About MedicareCompareUSA

MedicareCompareUSA is an insurance agency and call center that serves as the Medicare insurance helpline for hospital systems and physician organizations that provide care for more than 6 million Medicare beneficiaries. Healthcare providers understand the importance of providing clear and accurate information for patients searching for suitable Medicare insurance; yet healthcare staff are generally not trained, licensed or authorized to serve in this capacity. MedicareCompareUSA understands the most important relationship in healthcare is that between the patient and their healthcare provider. We protect this relationship by assisting healthcare providers to communicate Medicare information with their patients and by helping patients to compare and enroll in Medicare plans accepted by their physicians and hospital.

What We do at MedicareCompare USA

  • Medicare One-Stop Shop.We help you compare and enroll in the Medicare plans accepted by your healthcare providers. You describe your Medicare needs and preferences, and we help you find the Medicare plan right for you.
  • Free Service.We are compensated by the Medicare plan you choose. All services provided by MedicareCompareUSA are absolutely free!
  • Medicare Education.We understand that making the right Medicare decision starts by understanding your Medicare benefits and options.
  • Reliable.We are the trusted Medicare insurance resource for health systems caring for more than 6 million Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Your Agency for Life.Over time your insurance needs may change. Annually Medicare plans may change premium, benefits and/or provider networks. MedicareCompareUSA is ready to be your Medicare insurance agency for life! We connect with you annually to review your Medicare insurance coverage and options.