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Our Risk-Based Retirement Plan will identify and eliminate the financial risks associated with your retirement.  This is perfect for those that tried creating their own plan, for those that have put off a plan, and those that are wanting a plan and not knowing where to start. 

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“68% of CPAs and their clients are afraid they will run out of money in retirement. And it is proving to be a valid concern since over 50% of them will. This is happening because traditional retirement plans are not designed to identify and remove the financial risks that current retirees face.”

Dave Hall, CPA

Retirement Risk Advisors Founder

What Are the Top 10 Risks for retirement?

Focusing on the financial risks of today, a Risk-Based Retirement Plan provides simple steps to eliminate the financial risks you will face during retirement. Retirement planning isn’t about complex graphs and spreadsheets; it is about an understanding that no one’s retirement is the same and needs an individualized, customized approach with proven strategies to combat the risks many will experience in retirement. 

To secure a financially stable retirement, the following are the top ten financial risks you need to strategically consider and reduce.

  • SOCIAL SECURITY RISK –  There are two risks with Social Security. First is that you claim your benefits at the wrong age, leaving tons of your earned money on the table. Second risk is having to pay taxes on your benefits, causing your retirement assets to run out of money much sooner. 

  • TAX-RATE RISK – The risk tax rates will be higher in the future than they are today leaving you with less money for your retirement. 

  • LONGEVITY RISK – Known as the risk multiplier, this is when you outlive your retirement assets and die broke. 

  • SEQUENCE OF RETURN RISK  – This is when you must withdraw money from your assets when the market is down. This may cause you to run out of money 10-15 years before expected. 

  • WITHDRAWAL RATE RISK – The risk you will spend down your retirement assets too fast causing you to run out of money before you run out of retirement. 

  • LONG-TERM CARE RISK  – The risk you will become permanently disabled before you pass away. You have a 35% chance this will happen. If it does it can have devastating consequences on your retirement and any loved ones you were hoping to transfer assets to upon death. 

  • INFLATION RISK  – The risk inflation will erode the buying power of your retirement savings to a point where you can’t buy the necessary goods and services your life requires. 

  • MEDICARE RISK – The risk you don’t claim your Medicare benefits when you should. Or you pick the wrong benefits and get stuck paying medical costs that otherwise wouldn’t have been your responsibility. 

  • ELDER ABUSE RISK – The risk of financial exploitation after age 60 that results in devastating financial loss. 

  • LACK OF INCOME DIVERSITY RISK  – The risk you do not have enough income diversity to eliminate the risks facing your retirement and you will die broke.

What is the Cost for this Level of Planning? 

Our peers charge

$10,000 to $20,000

But we are not them

Your Risk-Based Plan includes:

Three Separate Plans ($4,500 Value)

Detailed Social Security Analysis ($1,500 Value)

Step-by-Step Roadmap ($1,000 Value)

Implementation of Your Plan ($1,000 Value)

Consulting on Your Plan for 1-Year ($1,495 Value)

Solutions for Each of the 10 Risks ($5,000 Value)

Monthly Newsletter, Access to Social Networks and Events (Priceless)

Grand total: $14,495
We are passionate about helping you get safely through retirement.
The best way to do so is our risk-based retirement plan so we can identify and eliminate the financial risks you will face in retirement. 
This risk-based retirement plan is ONLY


Now $2,495

You can plan your own retirement, but there is a better way. Let us help!

The retirement landscape is changing, and it isn’t for the better. Current retirees are running out of money at an alarming rate because of the increased financial risks they are facing during their retirement. Much of this additional risk exposure has been brought on because current retirees are retiring earlier, living longer, and having less income than their predecessors. Don’t put off your retirement.

The Dave Hall Promise

Most people take more time planning their next vacation than they do planning for retirement.

I want you to have a risk free retirement. And if you take the time to plan, you will get the right results.

Not only will this change your future, it will help you help others around you – your family, your parents, even your clients. 

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*You can receive a full refund up to 60 days after purchase if we can’t show you how to get more income, a greater legacy or more peace in your retirement.