How Do You Maximize Your Social Security Benefits?

Retirement Risk Advisors has teamed up with “Premier Social Security Consulting” to offer affordable packages to help you understand and maximize your Social Security benefits. They will guide you through the application process while assisting you to get the maximum social security benefits available.

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The Foundation for a Secure Retirement: This 4 hour CPE webinar breaks down two main risks at the base of your retirement decisions: Social Security and Medicare. We go over the SS and Medicare programs meticulously, recognizing the risks associated and how to address each one.

The Retirement Risk Show: As the base for most retirements, Social Security is an important factor of retirement planning to discuss. Depending on your situation, you may be losing money if you enroll too early or even too late. In this episode your host Dave Hall discusses this with Marc Kiner, and Jim Blair of Premier Social Security Consulting.