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Our Referral Program

Earn rewards by referring clients, family, friends, even your neighbor! When they purchase a Risk-Based Retirement Risk Plan you receive $1000*!

*Referral details can be found within our Terms & Conditions HERE

How it works

Our goal is to help you and those around you get to a safer, more secure retirement by helping to reduce or even eliminate the financial risk facing that longest self-imposed period of unemployment.

Begin by applying to become a Referral Partner. Simply fill out some paperwork and soon you will be ready to share and earn.

Sign Up

Fill out our easy-to-use referral form and create a log-in to apply! After our team reviews your application you will receive a personal affiliate link.


We would love to have an online meeting, where we meet together with your referral. If that doesn’t work we have several ways you can share your link. You can also track each referral on your personal dashboard in our Referral System. You can see their progress and your rewards! 


Our gratitude cannot be expressed enough. So with each referral that purchases a Plan, we are showing our appreciation with a $1,000 Finder’s Fee.

The Best Part?​

If your referral purchases a Risk-Based Retirement Plan they are one step closer to a better retirement! That is a step you helped them take!
And for you that means a Finder’s Fee of $1,000!

Apply NOW to become a Retirement Risk Advisors Referral Partner

Do you know someone who would benefit from our Risk-Based Retirement Plan?
Great! We would love to work with them and YOU!

Got questions? We have answers!

Sometimes people find us after they already have a solid retirement plan in place. We are here to help reduce financial risks in retirement. So yes, apply! Join us in helping those who need it. Together we can help other take the action that is key to the success of their retirement.

There are a few ways that you can pick. Besides sending you a check, you may receive the Finder’s Fee as a Visa or Amazon gift card, through PayPal, or even directly to your bank account.

Our Risk-Based Retirement Plan applies to those living in or outside the U.S. that are citizens or those who plan to return to the U.S. for their golden years.

We welcome all those that need help to reduce the risks facing their retirement. Built on trust and integrity, we may not be able to help everyone that comes to us, but we are open and honest about what we can or cannot do for them.

Still Have Questions?

Read our terms and conditions or get on our call with a member of our referral team.