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Getting Safely Through Retirement
Learn How to Eliminate the Top 10 Financial Risks Facing Your Retirement.

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Education is Key for Retirement

As Retirement Risk Advisors we are here to help you get safely through retirement by giving you access to the knowledge and tools you need to eliminate the financial risks facing your retirement. The process starts with educating you on the Top 10 financial risks your retirement will face and the 5 strategies you need to implement to eliminate these risks. 

 We do this through our two-hour flagship presentation…

Getting Safely Through Retirement – How to Eliminate the Top 10 Financial Risks Facing Your Retirement.

Here are a few of the risks the webinar will cover.


There are two risks that you need to address when it comes to Social Security. Taking it at the wrong time and Provisional income.


We are currently in a period of historically low tax rates, which means now is a great time to transition those tax assets. 


We are living longer, but that isn’t always good news, because longevity often increases the risk which we are subject too.


"Highly informative. One of the best presentations I've seen in retirement planning. Not to be missed."
Walter Deverell
"The presenter was very clear on his presentation and provided a great deal of information."
Tracy Betts
"Hands down, Dave Hall is one of the best speakers/presenters. He is very knowledgeable and offers great insight to each question that is asked. Great presentation!"
Mark Weaver
"Outstanding presentation. Relevant information that affects everyone as they plan for retirement."
Linda Gay

Instructor - Dave Hall, CPA

Dave is the founder of the Retirement Risk Advisors. He currently lives in Tennessee and spends most of his time educating on various retirement topics. Dave has educated over 125,000 CPAs and EAs on the risks facing their retirement through over 250 engagements.

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