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The Challenge

68% of CPAs and their clients are afraid they will run out of money in retirement, and it is proving to be a valid concern, since over 50% of them will.  This is happening because traditional retirement plans are not designed to identify and remove the financial risks that current retirees face. 

How We Can Help You

We start by getting to know you and your goals and dreams.  We then take this knowledge and use it to perform a comprehensive review of your current retirement plan.  We want to know how it will hold up in an uncertain future and what financial risks you have failed to address.  We will then focus on the risks your current plan hasn’t already delt with and identify what strategies we can implement to reduce or eliminate each of these risks.  From here we create a risk-based retirement plan that is not only simple to understand but will include a step-by-step roadmap of what needs to be done to give you the best chance of getting safely through retirement.  Once your risk-based plan is complete, we will provide you with any additional education or training you may need to implement our recommended strategies to help secure your retirement.   

Where to Begin

The best place to get started is by attending our retirement risk event!  This webinar will teach you what you need to know about the top 10 financial risks facing your retirement, what impact these risks can have on your retirement, and what actions you can take to reduce or eliminate these risks.  This webinar will also include a detailed explanation of what our team can do to help you reach your retirement goals and walk you through what it will take to start working with us. 


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"Highly informative. One of the best presentations I've seen in retirement planning. Not to be missed."
Walter Deverell
"Dave Hall is one of your very best presenters. I have enjoyed several of his sessions and will continue to watch for more!"
Glenn Van Dyk
"Hands down, Dave Hall is one of the best speakers/presenters. He is very knowledgeable and offers great insight to each question that is asked. Great presentation!"
Mark Weaver
"Outstanding presentation. Relevant information that affects everyone as they plan for retirement."
Linda Gay
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Who We Are

Retirement Risk Advisors is a team of professional consultants and educators who create and implement risk-based retirement plans that are designed to identify and eliminate the financial risks facing current retiree.  Our team is made up of specialists and experts who know the strategies it takes to get your money to where it will last as long as you do.  We live by the moto: “Don’t recommend or implement anything for someone else’s retirement you wouldn’t recommend or implement for your own retirement if you were in the same situation.”

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