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About CPAacademy

CPAacademy offers an easy-to-use education platform for idea exchange through marketing and presenting of the most up-to-date content and developments important to the accounting profession. On CPAacademy, members have access to the highest quality webinar presentations by leaders within the profession.

About Strategic Alliance Wealth Group

Strategic Alliance Wealth Group provides innovative premium finance strategies that grow, protect, and preserve the assets of business owners, non-profits, and high-net worth individuals. For over 21 years, SAWG has been a trusted resource for CPAs to help better serve the specific and complex needs of their most affluent clientele.

About MedicareCompare USA

MedicareCompareUSA helps find a Medicare plan that will allow you to keep your primary care doctor, specialists, and hospitals. MedicareCompareUSA understands the most important relationship in healthcare is that between the patient and their provider. They protect this relationship by assisting healthcare providers communicate Medicare information with their patients and by helping patients compare and enroll in Medicare plans accepted by their physicians and hospital.

About Premier Social Security Consulting

Whether you are reaching your Social Security full retirement age and looking to maximize your Social Security benefits or are a CPA looking to better answer the questions your clients might have about Social Security; Premier Social Security Consulting LLC can help.

About Broad Financial

Broad Financial specializes in Self-Directed IRAs with checkbook control. Their sister company, Madison Trust, an accredited trust company based out of South Dakota, serves as a Self-Directed IRA Custodian. Thus, meaning Broad Financial doesn’t have to outsource your IRAs custodial functions, allowing them to communicate seamlessly with their sister company. They offer the perfect Self-Directed plan based on your needs, not theirs.

About Abacus Life

With 17+ years, Abacus Life has been a leader in the life insurance industry. They have helped thousands of clients maximize their life insurance policies by providing over $10-billion face-value policies purchased. Having over 50 team members, they provide white-glove service to CPAs and policy owners who want to explore this lucrative financial option.

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