The services provided as part of this engagement are for the development of a Risk-Based Retirement Plan (Plan). The purpose of the Plan is to look at alternative options to your current retirement strategies to reduce or eliminate the risks facing your retirement. The purpose of the Plan is to not only show you how to get to retirement but to also show you how to get through retirement.

The advisor agrees to provide the client with the following assurances:

1. If for any reason, the client is not satisfied with the scope and detail of the completed Plan, the client may terminate this engagement by returning all copies of any documents provided.

2. All recommendations presented to the client, including those involving the purchase of any financial products, will be made with the client’s best interests in mind based on fiduciary standards.

3. At no time will the client be under any obligation to accept any advice provided or to act on any of the recommendations contained in the Plan.

The client authorizes the advisor to collect financial information and to retain that information in files maintained by the advisor’s firm. All information will be kept strictly confidential by the advisor, the advisor’s firm, and affiliate advisors who will be working on the Plan. This information will not be disclosed to any other third party except as required by legislation without the prior written consent of the client.

To ensure the best possible results from this engagement, the client agrees to the following:

1. To provide the advisor with the necessary financial information as accurately as possible.

2. To make the advisor aware of anything in the Plan, or the recommendations made, that is not fully understood.

3. To notify the advisor of any changes to the client’s situation corporately or personally, that may have an impact on the Retirement plan or recommendations made.

It is suggested that the advisor and client meet on an annual basis to ensure the plan continues to meet the client’s needs. It will be the responsibility of the client to reach out to the advisor to schedule annual meetings.

The client acknowledges that all recommendations will be made based on financial models involving numerous assumptions that are certain to change and are neither an estimate nor a guarantee of future performance. Actual results will vary with the inevitable changes to the future rate of inflation and/or returns on investment. These can have a major impact on the forecasts contained within the Plan, hence the need to review the Plan periodically to consider this and\or changes in client circumstances.

By signing below the client acknowledges receiving a copy of this engagement letter and all parties fully understand and agree to the terms of this engagement. After completion, an invoice will be sent to the client for payment.

Dave Hall, The Prosperity Guy