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Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Tim entered the financial services industry in 1981 as a Financial Consultant with a focus on client centric wealth strategies and products that were developed and designed with a client comes first mindset.

He envisioned establishing a company that has a client centric culture where everyone within the company has a client comes first mindset mentality in every aspect with the roles that each member has within the firm.

With so many products and strategies available to clients, 21 years ago Tim established Strategic Alliance Wealth Group to be the primary resource for Advisors in our area of specialty and expertise. SAWG is built on trust and partnerships with select firms to research, evaluate, and recommend only the very best in class products and strategies that integrate into the client’s overall financial plan, enhancing their financial goals and objectives.

Tim has spoken nationally as an advisor on behalf of being a client advocate on implementing quality insurance products that are used as a unique asset class to create an important positive impact on one’s overall financial portfolio. His primary focus is educating Financial Advisors, CPAs, Attorneys and P&C agents on the distinct advantages of integrating client centric concepts and strategies into their client’s overall financial plan.

Tim has sat on numerous product committees, providing valuable input and feedback to insurance companies in their design of taxed advantaged wealth accumulation and distribution products. He is consistently involved within the financial services industry by staying informed on developments and changes, including improvements to products and strategies that are current and relevant to the partners and clients that we serve.

Today, Tim is referred to as “The Vision Coach “ because of his passion for understanding the client’s vision as it relates the lifestyle they desire live and the legacy that they wish to leave. He then takes great pride in implementing a plan to ensure their vision becomes reality. Ultimately, this is what drove Tim to success and is what continues to drive his success today.

Joe Sgroi

Joe Sgroi

Joe Sgroi is a partner and wealth strategist for Strategic Alliance Wealth Group. Joe has 8 years of experience in financial services, and previously worked with dozens of financial advisors across the country and their high-net-worth clientele. As a wealth strategist, Joe is responsible for designing and implementing strategies for each of Strategic Alliance Wealth Group’s clients.

Born on Long Island New York, Joe has been a resident of the Tampa Bay Area for the past 15 years. When not in the office, Joe enjoys taking advantage of all the great outdoor activities Florida has to offer. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Organizational Leadership as well as an MBA with a finance concentration.